Facility Rentals

The Bonita Shores Club rents its building and grounds for local events, such as meetings, parties, receptions, fairs, seminars, etc. There are three rooms in the facility that may be rented individually, or the entire building may be rented as a whole.

The club furnishes access to an ice cube maker, refrigerator and use of the kitchen, not including the stove, with all rentals. The club has 12 standard-sized card tables, 24 eight-foot white folding tables, 5 six-foot white folding tables, and over 200 chairs. which are included with the rental. Separate women's and men's restroom facilities and supplies are also furnished. Renters are to provide their own additional necessities, such as linens, silverware and glasses. Rentals for large evening events/parties will have a security guard provided.

Large Hall (Salon)     
(55' x 31' - approximately 125 person capacity)          

Bridge Room
(35' x 24' - approximately 60 person capacity)

Library Room
(24' x 24' - approximately 30 person capacity)

The Shores Club's facilities are available for rental for meetings and other functions. Signed contracts and cash deposits are required with each reservation.


The Shores Club
Large Hall (Salon)

Large Hall (Salon) looking at kitchen and Bridge Room

Large Hall (Salon) looking at Bridge Room and Library Room

Bridge Room in foreground
Library Room beyond wooden divider

Bridge Room in foreground
Library Room beyond wooden divider on right

Library Room looking into Bridge Room

Full Kitchen

Bridge Room and Library decorated for a rental party
(decorations not provided)


Large Hall (Salon) decorated for a rental party
(decorations not provided)